Karachi, Jacob's Story, Book 1, boy, wolf, eagle, green eyes

Jacob's Story

Book 1, Karachi

 Jacob knew what to expect from his journey to manhood. He had planned every moment and knew every skill that he needed for survival. He even planned to get back to his village in record time. What Jacob didn't know was just how drastically those plans would change. As he faced new allies and enemies that he never could have expected, one question remained. Would he ever get home? 

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This may have been Ray's second book to write, but it became his very first self published novel. A labor of love, Karachi was finally published September 2018.

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What readers are saying...

If you are looking for a well written, adventurous fantasy read, then this is a great choice. The book was very clean and had a solid story line that was mostly action, but also with some light romance thrown in as well. I really enjoyed the "voice" of the author and appreciated how there was plenty of detail to follow, but enough anticipation to keep you wanting to turn the pages until the end. It is not an incredibly long story, and I read it easily over the weekend. Overall, I felt it was a nice story and well worth the purchase price and I would recommend it. 

- J. Foster

 A coming of age story of a young man in a post-apocalyptic world sets a fast pace with suspense and mystery that keeps you guessing all the way to the end. 

- Stephen Hillman

 The first thing that grabbed me about Karachi: Jacob's Story, Book 1 was Ray Thomas's succinct and precise writing style. He says a lot in a few words, and this story covers a lot of ground. You have the story of a boy trying to find his place in the world, learning about his new-found powers, and eventually trying to sort out who he loves and how to protect them. The book is full of intrigue, mystery, action, and even a little romance; it combines the familiarity of The Call of the Wild with the intrigue of Twilight. The pacing is quick but no so much that you don't get an excellent feel for the depth of each character, and Thomas always leaves you wanting more with each turn of the page. I hope Book 2 is released soon because I can't wait to see what happens to Jacob and his pack next! 

- JK Swanson